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Fox Theater

Fox Theater

Fox TheaterThe Fox Theatre, built in 1925, is an important historic landmark. It was designed and built by the prestigious firm of Meyer and Holler, Inc., who also built Hollywood's famous Egyptian and Grauman's Chinese theatres. The Fox was Orange County's first movie palace and the site of regularly scheduled movie premieres. Among significant interior elements are six canvas murals by A.T. Heinsbergen, a famous muralist of the time.

The 37,875 s.f. Fox Theatre complex was built in two phases on a 32,000 s.f. parcel. The first phase was the main 30,725 s.f. theater building. The first level of the theatre has 640 seats and is 8,700 s.f., including the lobby. The back stage is 1,950 s.f. and the mezzanine lounge is 2,000 s.f. The balcony, which seats 268 people, is 3,700 s.f., including the projector room. Attached to the main theater is a two-story commercial building with 5,350 s.f. on the ground floor and 4,350 s.f. on the second floor. Near the front courtyard is a 575 s.f. commercial space on the ground floor. Located beneath the theater is a 4,100 s.f. basement/mechanical room. The second phase of construction, built in 1929, was the 7,100 s.f. Firestone building which is currently occupied by small retail shops. The main theater is in need of seismic reinforcement and complete renovation of its electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and HVAC systems.

Fox Theater SignThe Fox Theatre complex is adjacent to a 1.5 acre publicly owned parking parcel. The Redevelopment Agency is prepared to develop a parking structure on the parking parcel to supply the needed parking for the proposed commercial uses in the redeveloped theater complex. Since the Fox Theatre complex is currently privately owned, the Redevelopment Agency is not able to actively recruit proposals from developers for its redevelopment. However, the Agency will consider redevelopment proposals from developers who have obtained the owner's approval to negotiate. Since this is expected to be such an expensive and complicated development project, the Agency would prefer to work with developers who have significant financial capability and experience on similar projects.

For additional information regarding the Fox Theatre, contact Redevelopment Project Manager Ken O'Leary at (714) 738-6879.