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Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch program is a powerful means of combating all types of criminal offenses in residential area. A prime goal of Neighborhood Watch is to provide a way for one neighbor to help another by keeping a watchful eye on the other's property.

As a participant in the Neighborhood Watch program, you will become better acquainted with your neighbors and familiarize yourself with the activities of your neighborhood.

  • Know who works during the day
  • Learn which automobiles belong where
  • Recognize people who belong in the area
  • Take note of people who do not belong.

This basic knowledge, together with a few precautions, will prevent many crimes in our city.  Additional crimes can be prevented if residents:

  • Properly secure their homes
  • Record serial numbers through the "Operation Identification" program
  • Jot down license numbers of strange cars cruising around a neighborhood
  • And report all suspicious persons to the police.

It is a proven fact that neighborhood crime prevention programs reduce crime. If you want to reduce the odds of your being a victim in your own home or neighborhood, persuade your neighbors to join you in the Fullerton Neighborhood Watch program. Stopping crime is everyone's business. If you do your part in neighborhood crime prevention, you'll be doing yourself and your community a big favor.

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program operated by Fullerton residents, with the support of the police department. Its purpose is to create an alert citizenry by teaching residents simple crime prevention measures, and by providing both general and specific information concerning crime in each neighborhood.

For further information about the Fullerton Neighborhood Watch Association, call:

Fullerton Police Community Services Bureau - 714-738-6836

or write:


P.O. Box 2393 

Fullerton, CA 92838


Revised:  4/2/2019