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Streets & Sidewalks

Streets & Sidewalks

The Public Works - Street Maintenance Division provides weekly street sweeping, installs street signs, paints traffic lane and pavement legends, and maintains public sidewalks, City storm drains, and asphalt pavements over 285 miles of public streets.

Common Problems:

Private Street repairs:

A private street is usually located in a residential area such as a condominium development in which a homeowners' association maintains the grounds and streets. The City cannot make repairs to private streets because they are not located on public property. If you are unsure whether your street is public or private, you may contact your homeowner's association or Public Works Maintenance Services at (714) 738-6897.

Streets requiring a Slurry Seal Coating:

The City's Public Works Engineering is responsible for large-scale slurry sealing projects. If you would like to know when your street is scheduled for work, please call Public Works Engineering at (714) 738-6845.


If you notice a crack or pothole in your street, please contact us. A supervisor will be sent to inspect the area and then schedule a crew to make the necessary repairs. Routine repairs are usually completed within a week of the call.

Large Sidewalk Cracks:

If you notice a damaged sidewalk, please contact us. A supervisor will inspect the area and place the damaged location on a computerized priority schedule. Due to limited funding, we are only able to repair a limited number of sites every year. Repairs are prioritized by a number of important factors, including the extent of damage and the site's proximity to schools, churches, and other public buildings. Of course, especially hazardous sites are repaired immediately. If you would like to know where your request is on the schedule, please call Maintenance Services and ask to speak with a Street Division supervisor.

If you believe the damage is due to a City-owned tree, please be sure to notify us. If tree roots are causing the damage, the City's Tree Inspector will first assess the situation to determine a course of action (root pruning, removal, etc.). Because the City of Fullerton takes great pride in its trees, the tree in question will not be automatically removed. Each situation must be evaluated individually to determine the best approach.

Occasionally, when a large area of pavement is in question, the Public Works Engineering may become involved.

Clogged Storm Drains:

Storm drains are inspected and cleaned on a routine schedule to ensure they are in proper condition. Just before the rainy season, all the drains are checked for clearance. If you see a clogged drain or one that may be obstructed by trash or vegetation, please contact us.

Please note: Several drains and drainage channels in the City are part of Orange County's system and are maintained by County crews. When you call Maintenance Services, we should be able to tell you if the drain belongs to the City or the County. If the drain belongs to the County, we will notify the County's Maintenance Department of the problem.