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Jul 29, 2019 

Closing on August 4th - "Custom Beats: The Art of Hip Hop"

The Fullerton Museum's exhibit, Custom Beats: The Art of Hip-Hop tells the story of this popular genre of music. For almost 50 years, Hip-Hop has been vital to the expression of urban youth around the world. Beginning as a predominantly African-American youth cultural expression from the streets of New York, Hip-Hop is now an international phenomenon and a multi-billion dollar culture industry. With colorful street art, flashy track suits and fresh sneakers, masters of Hip-Hop express themselves outwardly as well as inwardly- writing poetry and song lyrics reflecting confidence, optimism and struggle.

As a musical genre, Hip-Hop follows in the footsteps of earlier African-American-rooted musical forms such as blues, ragtime, jazz, funk, and disco. But Hip-Hop is more than music: it is a culture and attitude encompassing fashion, graffiti, poetry, deejaying, breakdancing, beatboxing, and emceeing. It is a culture that started in deindustrialized urban America and transformed into the political voice for post-civil-rights African-Americans and youth worldwide.  Custom Beats will investigate the ways Hip-Hop art and culture have permeated our everyday lives to become one of the most influential lifestyles worldwide.

The exhibit closes on Sunday, August 4.

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