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News Details

Sep 18, 2018 

Active Aging Week - September 24 through 28

at the Fullerton Community Center

Active Aging Week inspires wellness by encouraging people to participate fully in life at any age, regardless of mental or physical capacity. Experience wellness activities and presentations to become a healthier and more active you!

Manage the Stress in Your Life

Monday, September 24

How you deal with stress makes a big difference to your health. This informative program will teach you how to effectively manage stress in your life in a healthy manner.

Brain Health Workshop

Tuesday, September 25

Learn how to keep your cognitive health strong in this workshop which will focus on how age and disease can affect you.

Healthy Tips for Healthy Snacking

Wednesday, September 26

When planned right, snacks can be added to a healthy eating plan and provide many excellent benefits. This informative presentation will cover serving sizes, nutritional values and healthy snack options.

Introduction to the Guided Autobiography

Thursday, September 27

Are you looking for a way to make a record of your life? Guided Autobiography (GAB) is a process that helps you recall and record the significant moments of your life. Through this interactive class experience, you will learn the tools for writing your own life story.

Falls: Awareness and Prevention

Friday, September 28

Falling can seem like it may only leave a few scrapes and bruises, but it can actually cause more serious damage to your body. Prevention is the key to avoiding injury.

Join a free discussion and learn about:

  • Using a fall risk checklist
  • Using a home safety checklist
  • Medications: Do they cause falls?
  • Exercises to increase strength and help with balance

 All programs listed are offered at no cost. Register in person at the Fullerton Community Center or by calling 714-738-6305

340 West Commonwealth Avenue  -  Fullerton Parks and Recreation