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News Details

Apr 18, 2020 

Share the Trails

Trail Reminders

To ensure a pleasant experience for all trail users, please observe the following:

  • Hikers must yield to equestrians. Bike riders must yield to both hikers and equestrians.
  • Passing should be done on the left side when it is safe to do so. When overtaking another trail user, it is suggested that you announce your intentions.
  • Special precautions should be taken when passing equestrians. Any sudden movements may startle the horses and pose a danger to trail users.
  • Although trail difficulties range from easy to moderate, it is advised that trails be chosen based on the user's ability.
  • Please refrain from straying from the marked paths and respect any adjacent private properties.
  • Don't play chicken! Proceed with caution when crossing any street.
  • Help keep the trails clean by holding on to your trash until it can be properly disposed.

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