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Feb 29, 2016 

Fullerton Encourages Business Growth with Fee Waivers and Accelerated Plan Checks

At the February 16 meeting, the Fullerton City Council unanimously approved recommendations to temporarily waive both sign permit fees and minor site plan application fees, and also offer an accelerated building plan check option, as a way to incentivize businesses and investment in Fullerton.

“The approval of these three items, brought forth by our Economic Development Commission, is going to encourage economic activity and further business investment in Fullerton,” explained Mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald. “The City Council wants to assist businesses and property owners in their efforts to invest and grow, which benefits the entire community.”

Chairman of the Economic Development Commission (EDC), Gary Graves remarked: “The EDC is a seven member, City Council appointed commission of business owners, and community leaders, who are working to make Fullerton a more business-friendly city. We are pleased to see that the City Council recognizes the value and benefits these recommendations can mean for businesses in our city and that providing these incentives will further stimulate economic activity in town.”

Sign permit fees will be waived for six months, beginning March 1, 2016, allowing businesses to modernize and update their signage and improve their storefronts.

The temporary minor site plan fee waivers, also beginning March 1, 2016, are applicable to businesses classified as trade schools--including dance, martial arts, and tutoring businesses. The temporary fee waiver will save that category of businesses over $1,200 when making improvements or modifications to their facilities.

Business owners building out space or making improvements to their facility may also benefit from the accelerated plan check option, allowing them to pay for faster service through a City-contracted party. The expedited service will not impact those who do not opt to pay for the accelerated plan check.

The EDC implements the guiding strategies and policies of the “Fullerton Plan” by serving as a focal point for the community, businesses, and economic development. The Commission reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council regarding economic development policies and programs in Fullerton.

For more information about the fee waivers or accelerated plan check options, please visit CityofFullerton.com.