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Jul 28, 2015 

Forgotten Faces: The Comfort Women of World War II Coming to the Fullerton Museum

Forgotten Faces - Coming to Fullerton Museum

Fullerton, CA – The Fullerton Museum is proud to present the exhibit, “Forgotten Faces: The Comfort Women of World War II,” starting September 5 through November 1, 2015.

They came from Indonesia, China, Korea, the Philippines, and every region invaded by the Japanese Imperial Army in the dark years of 1932 – 1945: women and girls from conquered nations pressed into wartime service as so-called “comfort women” to meet the sexual needs of the Imperial Army in the field. The stories of these largely forgotten victims of war are being told through art in a special exhibit opening at the Fullerton Museum Center September 5.
Overlooked for decades, the history of the Comfort Women is finally coming to international attention. Since the mid-1990s, survivors have shared their stories, and artists and filmmakers inspired by the women’s ordeals have created stunning artwork in response. Forgotten Faces will feature paintings by Steven Cavallo, digital art and video by Chang-Jin Lee, and photography by artist Jan Banning.

“This is first and foremost an art exhibit” explains Museum Association President, Janet Buzan. “Art can tell a story when words fail, particularly when the subject matter is as painful and controversial as this.” The selection of artists not only creates a rich visual space, but also illustrates the diversity of the Comfort Women. “The women were not from just one country or region. The portraits and narratives show that. They really speak to the human cost of war.”

Buzan continues “This exhibit is not about one country’s or another’s grievances. Historical context will be provided through maps, historic photographs, and text. But the focus is on the art and how visitors will personally respond to that art.”

Visitors who wish to learn more about the history of the Comfort Women can pick up a bibliography available at the museum. Many of the titles listed are available at the Fullerton Public Library and online sources are also cited.
In addition to the art on display, the museum will feature two public programs on the theme of the Comfort Women and modern day sexual trafficking. On September 26, STAGES theatre will present “Unrelenting Relaxation” an original work of drama by Amanda DiMaio in the museum gallery. Tickets are $12 general admission and $10 for museum members. Also, on October 24 “Caged Birds” will feature singer songwriter Chelsea Davis, poet Ana Sanchez, and other performers involved in raising awareness of sexual slavery in the world today.

Tickets to this event are $60 and proceeds will go to charities working to end sexual exploitation of women and children.

Forgotten Faces: The Comfort Women of World War II is open to the public September 5 through November 1. For more information on the exhibit, please call the Fullerton Museum Center at (714) 738-3331.