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News Details

Apr 29, 2015 

Fullerton Public Library Introduces “FPL BlueBox”

Fullerton, CA – Patrons of the Fullerton Public Library can now have access to books and DVDs 24 hours a day, seven days a week thanks to the new “FPL BlueBox” located in front of the Man Library at 353 W. Commonwealth Ave.

Based on the popularity of the movie rental vending machines found at many local supermarkets, the Fullerton Library “FPL BlueBox” will be stocked with many kind of books and DVDs, fiction and non-fiction, for both adults and children.

Maureen Gebelein, Director of the Fullerton Public Library commented, “we had initially placed our “FPL BlueBox” at the Transportation Center to target commuters but the response has been tremendous since we’ve moved it to the Library. Usage is already up 114% over this first month of testing and we expect it to continue to grow in popularity.”

Funded by the State Library, the purpose of the “FPL BlueBox” is to allow extended services to the busy public beyond the hours the Library can accommodate. It will also allow the Library to meet the needs and the changing expectations of library patrons who have come to expect access 24 hours a day in ways convenient to their schedule.

“We invite our patrons to try out ‘FPL BlueBox.’ If ever they need something to read or watch when the Library is closed, or just wanted to pick up something quickly without entering the building, ‘FPL BlueBox’ may be the perfect solution,” added Gebelein.