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Apr 7, 2015 

Mayor's Statement on West Coyote Hills

As all of us are aware, the issue of development of the West Coyote Hills has been a topic of debate and discussion here in Fullerton.

About a year ago the City announced that Pacific Coast Homes, the Open Coyote Hills Group, Trust for Public Land, Friends of Coyote Hills, and the City had agreed to a two-track process, called “A Path Forward Plan” that included continuing acquisition discussions and a simultaneous processing of a new development application for the site.

As reported last November, the parties and stakeholders were continuing these efforts - focused on a phased acquisition plan for the site.

At that time it was made clear that if the city approved the development application, any subsequent development would be postponed for a reasonable period of time to permit additional acquisition funds to be raised.

Right now it appears that the first acquisition would occur as part of an agreement between the city and the landowner which would eliminate development in an area called “Neighborhood Two.” This land is adjacent to the Robert E. Ward Nature Preserve and its preservation is meaningful. This plan will be considered soon by the Fullerton Planning Commission. It will be explained in great detail at that time and there will be ample opportunity for public comment.

In addition, funding possibilities and timing is now being discussed for the area called “Neighborhood One,” which is also near the Ward preserve. I expect that the options for purchase of that site will be discussed in the weeks to come as well.

In addition, the remainder of the site would be available for acquisition for a period of time yet to be determined. Details and timelines are still being discussed.

Many more details about the acquisition plans and phasing will be forthcoming in the weeks ahead. We will give you further updates when we have additional information to report.

I want to thank all the parties involved in helping to move this issue along toward a positive outcome.

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