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News Details

Apr 1, 2015 

“Town and Gown” Lecture Series at Fullerton Public Library

Fullerton, CA – A discussion on the history of life, the universe, and everything else will be presented by CSUF, Associate Professor of History, Dr. Jonathan Markley at the next “Town and Gown” lecture series at the Fullerton Public Library on Tuesday, April 14 at 7:00 p.m.

The field of Big History, the study of the world and the universe from the Big Bang until today helps us understand our role as human beings and our fit into the broader narrative of space and time. Dr. Markley hopes to stir the fires of our intellect by looking to see if we can use the past to project long term trends into the future.

“This will certainly be an intellectually stimulating evening” commented Fullerton Library Director, Maureen Gebelein.

“We are always looking to bring a variety of topics and specialists to our Town and Gown Lecture Series,” added Gebelein. “We believe learning is a lifetime passion and this and future series will help us see life from a myriad of perspectives and persuasions.”

For more information about this free lecture, please contact the Fullerton Public Library at (714) 738-6326. The Fullerton Public Library is located at 353 W. Commonwealth Ave., in Fullerton adjacent to City Hall.