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Yongin, South Korea

Yongin, South Korea

Yongin, South Korea

Yongin is located in the Gyeonggi Province of South Korea, approximately 40 km south of Seoul. A town where the past meets the future, Yongin is famous for its recreation of a traditional Korean village, where life as it was lived from around 1400 to 1900 is on display. Yongin is also the home for Everland, South Korea's largest theme park, and numerous resorts for swimming, sledding and hiking in the mountains nearby. Fullerton's newest Sister City is replete with cultural events year-round, including something for every season. For more information on Yongin, visit the Yongin City home page at http://en.yonginsi.net/.

Sam-go Mu -- “Tree Stand Drum Dance” or “Three Drum Dance”

The performers of Sam-go Mu are both drummers and dancers, combining rhythmic dexterity with acrobatic movement. The dance begins with a dramatic rolling of drumsticks around the ridges of the drum's circumference, gradually building to a crescendo. The elegant and gentle movements of the female dancers express the blessing and great joy from the earth. From the World's Art website: www.worldartswest.org/plm/guide/locator/korean.shtml