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Fukui • Japan

Fukui • Japan


Fukui City is located in central Japan, on the northern side of the main island.  Fullerton's second Sister City since 1989, Fukui has a population of 250,000, occupies an area of 130 square miles and is the capitol of Fukui Prefecture, seen in red on the map.  Known as Phoenix City, Fukui was devastated by air raids in World War II, and a few years later by the Great Fukui earthquake which leveled the town - a photo of the downtown area shows only three buildings left standing. But like a phoenix, Fukui rose from the ashes to become the thriving modern city that it is today.

Visitors to Fukui have it all: cosmopolitan cities and rural villages, ancient castles and wi-fi networks, authentic cuisine and cultural celebrations.  Visit the Fukui Tourism website at http://www.fuku-e.com/lang/english/ to learn more about Fullerton's Sister City in Japan.  



Echizen Historical Costume Parade

The Echizen Historical Costume Parade of Fukui / Spring Festival is held every April. People dressed up as historical feudal warlords parade downtown. The men are dressed in armor and the ladies wear beautiful kimonos.

Fukui Phoenix Festival

This annual festival is held the first weekend of every August in commemoration of Fukui’s resilience in the face of adversity. The event is split into three days: The first day features a dazzling fireworks display over Asuwa River, the second dances performed by people both born in and visiting Fukui City, and the third dedicated to child-centered activities.




Fullerton Students to Visit Fukui in July 2017


Front row: Hayley Harvey, Katherine So, Jeanne Nguyen, Gillian Hodgden, Felice Vu, and Audrey Gass
Back row: Noah Rovira,Josh Miller, Camille Huffman, Jameson Oates, Sneha Krishnan, Morgan Moline, and Ty Yamamoto


Follow the happenings of two "Fullerton Cultural Ambassadors" visiting Japan. The two FCAs are working with the local and regional schools towards international understanding, and much more!

As one of the FCAs tasks, they must write a blog in English and Japanese, about the things they have learned and experienced through their activities here in Fukui. Such activities are, but not limited to, introducing Fukui’s culture, history, tourist spots, and various thoughts about life in Fukui.

We hope you will take a moment to visit their blogs:

Andrew Espino ⇒ http://efseeei.blog.fc2.com
John Fenlon ⇒ http://ameblo.jp/johnfenlon