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How to Read your Water Meter

How to Read your Water Meter

A water meter can help you manage your bi-monthly water bill. By monitoring your use weekly or even daily, you can make better decisions on water use.

The meter dial pictured below is typical of most residential meters and is usually located near the street. The dial on the meter serving your home may look somewhat different, but they all work on the same principles.

This flow indicator triangle (1) rotates whenever water passes through the meter. If the triangle turns when no water is being used on your property, you may have a leak, which should be investigated.

Each full revolution of the register sweep hand (2) indicates that ten gallons of water passed through the meter. The markings at the outer edge of the dial indicate ones and tenths of one gallon.

The water meter register (3) is a lot like the odometer on your car. The numbers keep a running total of all the water that passed through the meter. The register shown here indicates 1,153,573.6 gallons passed through this meter at the time of this read. If you check the reading a week later and subtract the two reads that will be the amount of water you used for the week.