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Water Leaks & Problems

Water Leaks & Problems

I am confused about my water bill. Who do I call?

The Administrative Services Department's Utility Services Division handles water billing questions and requests to begin or cancel water service. Call (714) 738-6890.

I am going on vacation for a few weeks and would like to shut off the water. May I do this myself?

Please allow the City to shut off your water for you when necessary. It is the City's policy that the property owner is responsible for damage to a meter or valve if the owner or someone working for the owner (such as a plumber) damages the meter or valve while turning it on or off. To be safe, if you need your water meter turned on or off, call Maintenance Services' Water Division at (714) 738-6897. We can usually send someone out within thirty minutes. If you prefer, you can request an appointment for us to come out at your convenience, including evenings.

For a small number of Fullerton residents, shut-off valves are located in the meter box on the customer's side of the meter. This small group of Fullerton residents may access the meter box to shut off their water themselves.

I have a problem with the City's water connection at the meter. Who do I call for repairs?

If your water meter is leaking, please Maintenance Services' Water Division immediately at (714) 738-6897. A repair person will usually arrive within an hour to inspect the meter. If the leak is on the City's side of the meter (up to the point where the house's supply line joins the meter), the meter will be repaired or replaced.

I would like to know what's in my water. Can you send me this information?

For questions relating to establishing water services for future developments, or for information on water quality & content, please contact the Public Works Water System Management Division at (714) 738-6848.

There's a water leak coming from somewhere in the street in front of my house. Who do I call for repairs?

If you see water bubbling up from cracks in the middle of the street, please call Maintenance Services' Water Division immediately at (714) 738-6897. Water bubbling from cracks usually means the supply line beneath the street is leaking. A crew will be dispatched as soon as possible to repair the leak before it undermines the street or causes other damage. During repairs, every effort will be made to maintain the water supply to as many customers as possible.

Tree roots appear to be clogging my sewer. Will you repair that for me?

If tree roots are clogging your sewer line, the City will clear the line, provided the roots belong to a City street tree. The City cannot clear blockages caused by private trees.

If the property owner has a cleanout outside his or her home, he or she may request to be put on our lateral program. A City crew will periodically clean the line to keep the sewer clear. To find out more about the lateral program, call Public Works Water Division at (714) 738-6897 and ask to speak with the Sanitation Inspector.