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Phase I

Phase I

Conservation PhasesPhase I

All restrictions found in Standard Conservation apply in Phase I, also.

Additional Restrictions

  1. No Hose Washing
    • sidewalks,
    • walkways,
    • driveways,
    • parking areas,
    • or other paved surfaces.
    • Exceptions
      • except as required for health and safety purposes;
  2. Drinking Water on Request Only in Eating Establishments
    • Drinking water shall only be served when a customer expressly request it at any
      • Restaurant,
      • hotel,
      • cafe,
      • cafeteria,
      • or other public place where food is sold, served, or offered for sale.
  3. Leaking Plumbing Fixtures
    • All leaks from indoor and outdoor plumbing fixtures shall be promptly repaired.
  4. Watering Landscape Time Restriction (10am to 4pm)
    • Watering of landscape or other turf area shall not be allowed between 10:00a.m. and 4:00p.m.
    • Exceptions
      • Water-dependent industries including, but not limited to: commercial nurseries and golf courses.
      • Reclaimed water: there is no restriction on watering with reclaimed water. Signs must be posted that identify reclaimed water is being used.

Water supply shortage rates

During a Phase I water supply shortage, the City Council may increase water rates, other than Tier 1 Lifeline rates, by an amount necessary, as determined by the City Council. The increase in water rates, which could average approximately up to 10 percent above the pre-water shortage rates, may vary among categories of customers. Examples of categories are single family residential, multi-family residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, temporary service, municipal, landscape, and fire lines.

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