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Traffic Applications & Special Events Permits

Traffic Applications & Special Events Permits

Street Closures

Contractors, public utilities, and others requesting road and/or lane closures must acquire a street occupancy permit. In most cases, a detour or traffic control plan will be requested to attach to the permit. Please contact the Public Works Department Engineering Division at (714) 738-6845 for further information.


Block Party Permits

A typical "Block Party" consists of several families extending social activities into a residential (public) street. The event is non-profit in nature and is closed to the outside public. A block party permit may be obtained for the temporary closure of select residential streets after review and approval of the Traffic Engineering Division. All applications, using the attached "petition form", shall show support from the surrounding residences on the street who may be affected. There is an issuance fee with the option to purchase additional insurance, see engineering fees. Please contact the Public Works Department Engineering Division at (714) 738-6845 for further information.

"Block Party" applications shall be submitted to the Public Works Department Engineering Division no less than 14 calendar days prior to the event


Special Event Permits - Public Property

A typical "Special Event" is conducted outdoors to which the general public is admitted or invited. Such an event includes a carnival, festival, tent or car show, circus, parade, auction, rally, or a similar kind of temporary outdoor exhibition or performance. A Special Event permit may be obtained after review and approval by the various departments within the City. The issuance fee for a permit varies with an option to purchase additional insurance through the City for the event. Please contact the Public Works Department Maintenance Services at (714) 738-3310 for further information.

"Special Event" applications for events on public property shall be submitted no less than 90 days prior to the event. Following initial review, all documents must be completed as necessary and resubmitted by application for final approval, no less than 5 business days prior to the event.


Transportation/Overlimit Permits

Transportation/Overlimit permits are required for those vehicles that exceed the maximum width, height, length, or overhang and desire to travel on City streets and highways. The limits are outlined in the Caltrans Transportation Guidelines Manual with single trip permits costing $16 and annuals costing $90. Single Trip and Annual Permits may be processed by email at PWPermits@cityoffullerton.com. In addition, proof of insurance is required prior to issuing a permit. Permits will not be mailed. Please contact Traffic Engineering at (714) 738-6845 for further information.

Filming in Fullerton

A film permit is required for commercial filming or commercial still photography on any public space or private property in Fullerton including all parks, on public right-of-way, public property, parking lots, and at City facilities. Commercial filming and photography includes motion picture and television productions, videos, web broadcasts, commercials, and off-news productions.

Film Permits are also required for student, educational and non-profit filming.

The City of Fullerton has approved an agreement with FilmL.A., establishing FilmL.A. as the film permit coordinator for the City. FilmL.A. is now accepting applications to film on public right-of-way, public property, and at City facilities. Film permit applications should be submitted to FilmL.A. through their Online Permit System at www.filmla.com at least 5 business days before the first day of filming. For more information, please contact FilmL.A.'s Production Planning Department at 213-977-8600.



Traffic Applications & Special Events