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Resident Only Permit Parking

Resident Only Permit Parking


Permit parking in the City of Fullerton is available to regulate and manage residential on-street parking problems associated with student parking. Although the City recognizes it is desirable to allow residents to park legally on any public street, it also recognizes the inconvenience that repetitive and long-term parking has on the affected residents. The goal is to create fair and equitable usage of residential on-street parking areas.

Report violations to: PD Traffic Bureau at (714) 738-5313.

For additional information pertaining to the process call (714) 738-6858.

Days and Times of Permit Enforcement

To maintain continuity and effectiveness of enforcement, the City established a standard posted time restriction of:

  • 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, non-school days exempt, or...
  • Under certain circumstances the hours of restriction may be designated as a 24-hour restriction, Monday through Friday, and sign posted accordingly.

Exempt Holidays

The following holidays are exempt for Residential Permit Parking:

  • New Years Day,
  • Martin Luther King Day,
  • Lincoln’s Birthday,
  • Presidents Day,
  • Cesar Chavez Day,
  • Memorial Day,
  • 4th of July,
  • Labor Day,
  • Columbus Day,
  • Veterans Day,
  • Thanksgiving Day and the immediate Friday thereafter,
  • Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and
  • New Years Eve,
  • General or Special Election days.

Request Permit Parking for your Street

Requests for Permit Parking and review of the requests shall conform to the following:


  1. All requests shall be made by petition per the City’s format using the attached "petition form".
  2. All requests shall identify the source of the parking problem; e.g. high school or college student parking, etc, that is interfering with the availability of parking to the residents.
    1. Any desired variation from the standard enforcement must be included.*
  3. A minimum of sixty-five percent (65%) of the property owners indicating their support is required for the request to proceed to the City Council for their consideration.
    1. Each property shall be represented by one vote (multiple signatures for the same property shall count as one vote).
  4. Completed petitions shall be delivered to:
City of Fullerton
303 W. Commonwealth Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832
Attention: Traffic Engineering Division.


*Certain individual situations may necessitate varying time and/or day restrictions. In such situations, the applicant and/or City may request to deviate from the City’s standard. Petitioner must include such proposed revision(s) on the petition prior to review by City staff.

If you would like additional information, please call (714) 738-6858.

Get Resident Parking Permits for Approved Streets

  • Your address must be in one of the designated Resident Only "Permit Parking" area.
  • You must bring an original current utility or telephone bill to City Hall to purchase and pick up your permit(s).

Propery Owners

  • May purchase your permit online
    • and pick it up at City Hall
      • by bringing the online payment receipt
      • and an original current utility or telephone bill.

You may also purchase permits directly from City Hall located at 303 W Commonmealth Ave. with an original current utility or telephone bill.

Non-Property Owning Residents

Must purchase permits onsite at City Hall located at 303 W Commonmealth Ave. bringing the following:

  • A landlord authorization letter, granting permission to obtain permits, from the property owner to City Hall.
  • An original current utility or telephone bill.