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Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping Map

Public Works' Street Division sweeps all City streets each week, excluding private streets and streets without a curb and gutter. Your area is swept on the same day each week, usually the day after trash pick up. For more details, you may view a Map of Street Sweeping.

Please note that certain circumstances may prevent us from sweeping your street thoroughly. On holidays and days of heavy rain, for example, we are unable to sweep the streets. In addition, sweeper operators must avoid large piles of debris because such piles may hide heavy objects that can damage the sweeper. Occasionally, we may also become delayed when a street sweeper needs repairs. Street sweepers are complex machines, subjected to very harsh working conditions (dust, debris, etc.), and they sometimes break down. In these instances, we will make every effort to get a replacement sweeper on the road to complete your route. If you suspect your street was missed, please contact us at (714) 738-6897.

You can help keep our City's streets clean by not dumping grass clippings or heavy objects in the gutter and by not parking vehicles in the street on sweeping days.