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Street Light Out

Street Light Out

Report Street Light Out

Public Works' Building & Facilities Division is responsible for repairing street lights on public streets. If you notice a street light on a public street has burned out or is malfunctioning, you can report it online or call Public Works at (714) 738-6897.

Fullerton is divided into four street lighting districts, one for each day of the week, Monday through Thursday. We do our best to repair most street lights according to the weekly schedule, but sometimes repairs may take longer. There are more than 6,000 City-owned streetlights in the City, and only two electricians are available for repair work, so repairs can occasionally take longer than anticipated,

Some reasons repairs may be delayed

Many of the City’s street lights are decades old and parts are no longer readily available or manufactured. We may need to order a special repair part, which can take two or more weeks.

Electrical power for street lights is provided by Southern California Edison. If the problem is with the power system, repairs depend on Edison’s repair crew availability.

The Edison-owned power transformers for some of the older lighting systems are no longer manufactured. If Edison can’t repair the transformer, it has to order one to be specially rebuilt and installed. Rebuilding an outdated transformer can take two to three months. The City has been working with Edison to have at least one or two transformers in stock for immediate installation, but availability can’t be guaranteed.

Regardless of the time it takes to repair a street light, we do our best to keep our customers updated on repair status. If you have placed a repair request and the street light has not been repaired within 10 working days, please feel free to call Public Works at (714) 738-6897 to get an update on your request’s status.

Streetlights on Private Streets and Edison-owned Streetlights

If you live in a homeowner’s association (HOA) area, the street lights are probably maintained by Edison. Also, streetlights mounted on power poles are usually owned and maintained by Edison as well. You can call Southern California Edison (1-800-611-1911) or your Homeowner's Association for repairs.