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Sewer Lateral Maintenance (SLMP)

Sewer Lateral Maintenance (SLMP)

In the event of a blockage in your sewer line immediately stop using water and call a plumber

Never let sewage overflow into the street or storm drain. If you need assistance to contain a spill, call Public Works for help at  (714) 738-6897!

If you suspect roots from a City maintained tree are clogging your sewer line, you may be eligible for assistance from the Sewer Division, (see the information about the Sewer Lateral Program below). The City will not clear blockages caused by private trees or other debris in private sewer laterals.


Report a Clogged Sewer Line

Sewer Cleanout Lateral Program

This program assists residents with root blockages caused by City-maintained trees. City sewer crews service the line and remove roots on a routine maintenance schedule, and will respond for emergency blockages. Residents must complete an evaluation process prior to being added to the program. Qualifications for the program include:


  • An existing 4-inch sweep type cleanout in the front of the property for sewer access.
  • Verification of tree root problems through video inspection by City crews.
  • No private trees in the vicinity of the sewer line.


There is no charge for the program, the evaluation process, or video inspection.

Residents should call the Public Works Sewer Division at (714) 738-6897, or submit an online request if they suspect root problems. Don’t wait for an emergency backup!


Public Works' Sewer Staff is also available to assist residents with any questions regarding sewer issues. Please call the Public Works Department before making sewer repairs.  Our staff can offer advice on options and technologies available for sewer issues. We’re here to help!