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Infrastructure Asset Review

Infrastructure Asset Review

City Infrastructure Progress Report In accordance with direction from the City Council, the Infrastructure and Natural Resources Advisory Committee (INRAC) is currently reviewing all of the City’s infrastructure assets.  This review will involve reviewing existing conditions, current asset needs, current maintenance/improvement activities, with the intent to provide funding and priority maintenance recommendations to the City Council.

INRAC Background

INRAC was created by the City Council on January 1, 2019 and is a nine member Council appointed committee of Fullerton residents.  This committee was a merger of the Energy and Resource Management Committee, Citizen’s Infrastructure Review Committee, and Underground Utilities Advisory Committee.  INRAC “shall advise the City Council on the City’s infrastructure, provide input on policies, plans and broad programs as they relate to energy, natural resources, compliance with environmental laws and the protection of the environment in the City of Fullerton, acts as hearing body regarding any and all utility billing disputes and makes recommendations on the establishment of underground utility districts and such other related matters.”

For additional information, please see: Infrastructure and Natural Resources Advisory Committee
If you have questions, please contact: INRAC@cityoffullerton.com

City Infrastructure

The City of Fullerton is a full service City that was incorporated in 1887.  Over the last 132 years, the City has developed its infrastructure – from roads, sidewalks, streetlights, parks, community centers, utility systems, etc. – to provide for the needs of residents and businesses.

Why Is INRAC Reviewing the Infrastructure?

This infrastructure requires regular maintenance, repair/refurbishment, improvement and ultimately replacement.  This includes, but not limited to:

Street Alleys Bridges
Parking Lots Parking Structures Airport
Traffic Systems Monument Signs Building and Facilities
Sewer System Water System Storm Drain System
Landscape and Trees Street Lights Parks and Trails
Maintenance Equipment PD Equipment Fire Equipment


Over the next several months, INRAC will be completing an Infrastructure Needs Review that involves determining deficiencies, funding needs to address deficiencies, providing strategies to address deficiencies and needs, priority of each deficiency, and potential funding sources.  Recommendations will be considered by City Council in early 2020.   

INRAC Meetings

The Committee’s meetings are open to the public and our community is invited to participate in the process.  INRAC typically meets the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.

Agenda and Minutes - Legistar
Under All Meetings select Infrastructure and Natural Resources Committee

INRAC City Council Report & Presentation

Agenda Report - INRAC Report and Recommendations
Funding Report - INRAC Report and Recommendations Conditions
Presentation - INRAC Report and Recommendations
Video of Presentation Agenda Item 8 - start time 3:01

Reference Material

The following information will be revised/updated in conjunction with the Infrastructure Asset Needs Review process.

Data Sheet - ADA Transition
Data Sheet - Airport
Data Sheet - Alleys
Data Sheet - Bridges
Data Sheet - Buildings
Data Sheet - Landscape-Street ROW
Data Sheet - Landscape-Trees
Data Sheet - Monument Signs
Data Sheet - Parking Lots
Data Sheet - Parking Structure
Data Sheet - Parks-Facility Maintenance
Data Sheet - Parks-Improvements
Data Sheet - Parks-Landscape Maintenance
Data Sheet - Sewer
Data Sheet - Storm Drain
Data Sheet - Street Lights
Data Sheet - Streets
Data Sheet - Streets-CG-SW-Ramps
Data Sheet - Traffic
Data Sheet - Vehicles-Equip
Data Sheet - Water System

Community Presentations

January 23, 2020
INRAC Special Meeting
City Infrastructure Progress Report
6:30 PM - City Council Chambers
Video of Presentation
In Progress Report Recommendations
INRAC Special Meeting Comment Response

August 8, 2019
INRAC Special Meeting
Roadway Infrastructure Presentation Q&A with staff and committee members
6:30 PM - City Council Chambers
Video of presentation

INRAC 1st Progress Report
INRAC Introduction
INRAC Street Funding
INRAC State of the Streets
INRAC Street Conditions Summary
INRAC Sample Project
INRAC Sales Tax
INRAC Street Improvement Strategy

INRAC Special Meeting Comment Response

July 16, 2019
City Council Meeting Presentation
Roadway Infrastructure Needs Presentation
6:30 PM - City Council Chambers

Historical Reference Material

There has been information provided in the past regarding these important infrastructure topics and funding recommendations, including the following:

1999-08-17 Minutes Infrastructure Report
2001-04-17 Infrastructure Advisory Committee Final Report Agenda Letter
2001-04-17 Infrastructure Advisory Committee Report
2001-08-21 Minutes Infrastructure Advisory Committee Report
2012-08-07 Infrastructure Status Preliminary Overview
2012-08-21 Infrastructure Status Preliminary Overview
2012-08-28 Infrastructure Status Preliminary Overview
2013-12-13 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Overview
2017-04-26 CIRC Letter to Mayor Whitaker
2018-07-17 Options for Increased Expenditures for Street Improvements Agenda Letter
2018-08-07 Roadway Infrastructure Funding Agenda Letter
2018-09-18 CIRC Letter to Mayor Chaffee

Council Conference Room
Council Conference Room
Council Conference Room