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Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal

Report Graffiti via: 

Graffiti vandalism is destructive behavior that negatively affects everyone in the community, including property owners, visitors, and residents. If graffiti is not promptly removed, it contributes to the deterioration of neighborhoods. When citizens and the City work together in an effective graffiti removal program, it sends a message that graffiti and other destructive activities will not be tolerated.

Report Graffiti

Graffiti vandalism in progress:
If you see someone defacing City or private property, call 9-1-1. Law enforcement generally advises against trying to stop vandals on your own. While relatively few graffiti incidents are gang-related, vandals have been known to assault private citizens trying to stop them. Useful information would be the location where the vandalism is happening, a description of the individuals doing the graffiti, and a description of their vehicle, if any.

Report graffiti you observe:
Graffiti Hotline: Call our 24-hour hotline to report graffiti vandalism at (714) 738-3108. A representative will take the information needed to locate and remove the graffiti. 
You can request graffiti removal by Report Graffiti Online

Via the City’s Website: Go to www.cityoffullerton.com. On the left side of the screen, click “Online Services” under the “Shortcuts” heading. Then click “Make a Service Request” under “Contact the City”. The next entry screen will allow you to enter the information needed to create a graffiti removal service request. 

Via the Mobile App: We offer a free mobile app for Apple and Android smartphones so you can enter requests just by taking a picture.   Go to the Play Store for Android devices or the App Store for Apple devices, and search for the "myfullerton" app.  Make sure you search myfullerton as one word.

No matter what method you use, you can report graffiti anonymously.

Graffiti Removal

Where: Public Right-of-Way
Graffiti is removed from all public right-of-way surfaces, (e.g. City buildings, parks, sidewalks, signs, etc.). Graffiti on private property may be removed by a GPC technician if the graffiti is visible from the public right of way. This determination is made by the GPC technician and, when necessary, program managers, in accordance with Fullerton Municipal Code section 7.32.010. If the property belongs to another public agency, (such as county or state) we will report it to the proper agency.

Where: Non-Public Right-of-Way
If graffiti is on private property, it is the property owner's responsibility to remove it as soon as possible. Property owners who fail to remove graffiti within a reasonable time may be subject to action by the City's Code Enforcement Division. The Fullerton Municipal Code gives property owners seven days to remove graffiti from the time the owner is notified. (FMC 7.31.090.A)

Graffiti can be reported through our email or telephone hotline anytime. The GPC technician’s normal working hours are 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, the Contractor will monitor the request system and perform graffiti removal by request. Graffiti is usually removed within twenty-four hours; if the graffiti is obscene or racist, we will make a special effort to remove it as soon as possible.

Graffiti Protective Coatings, Inc. (GPC) performs all graffiti removal services for the City. Each GPC graffiti removal technician is trained to use the best removal technique for each site, and is assigned a truck with all necessary removal materials.

GPC uses a web-based request tracking system. No matter which method you use to report graffiti, GPC’s system sends the removal request to the field technician within a few minutes of being received. Request status is updated in real time on GPC’s website. GPC field employees have GIS-capable smart phones and take “before” and “after” photographs of each removal site. The employee also records the day and time of removal, the removal method, and the square feet cleaned.
When the graffiti technician arrives at the vandalized site, he will inspect the damage and determine the proper method for removal.

  • Paint-Out
  • Painting out graffiti is the preferred removal method because it is the least destructive. The technician’s truck is stocked with 42 paint colors, and the technician is trained in color-matching techniques. If a color cannot be matched in the field, GPC can custom mix a color, usually within 24 hours.
  • Water Blasting  
  • High pressure water blasting may be used to remove graffiti from walls, sidewalks, or buildings. However, water blasting is not always practical. Repeated water blasting wears away the wall's surface and over time will cause deterioration. If a wall is continually marked with graffiti, the technician will usually paint out the graffiti.
  • Biodegradable Chemicals
  • Certain surfaces can be cleaned with a biodegradable chemical. This type of removal is usually used on metal or glazed surfaces and for relatively small amounts of graffiti.

Law enforcement and other graffiti control experts agree the best way to prevent repeated graffiti vandalism is to remove it as soon as possible. By working together, the City, its residents, and the contractor can ensure we have a graffiti-free community.