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Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

The City of Fullerton is collaborating with Southern California Edison® and SoCalGas® through the North Orange County Cities Energy Partnership to help the City achieve our energy reductions goals and save money along the way! The City of Fullerton encourages you to do the same with help from the following energy efficiency tips and residential utility programs that can save you money and energy.

Winter Energy Savings

Winter Tips: It’s a great time to start easily managing your winter heating and cooling costs while conserving energy.

Time-of-Use Rates (TOU): Southern California Edison’s TOU plans can help you manage your energy costs. By taking advantage of lower rates during off-peak and super off-peak periods, you can avoid higher weekday rates when energy resources are in demand.

Medical Baseline Allowance: If you or someone in your household requires powered medical equipment, you may be eligible for Medical Baseline financial assistance offered by Southern California Edison and SoCalGas.

Rebates & Incentives: Before purchasing new appliances, be sure to check SCE.com and SoCalGas.com for available rebates and incentives. ENERGYSTAR.gov is also a great tool to help find rebates and special offers available by zip code.

Comprehensive Manufactured Homes Program: Offered by Southern California Edison and SoCalGas and implemented through Synergy Companies, this program provides free energy efficiency upgrades to mobile and manufactured home owners.

Assistance Programs

Southern California Edison’s CARE & FERA Programs: Everyday expenses can affect some households more than others. That’s where the California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE) and Family Electrical Rate Assistance (FERA) Program can provide discount on electric rates for low income household relief.

SoCalGas’s CARE Program: If you or someone you know needs assistance paying monthly bills, SoCalGas may be able to help. The CARE program offers eligible customers a 20 percent discount on their gas bill.

Energy Saving Assistance Program: This program is offered by Southern California Edison and SoCalGas as a way to help conserve energy and make your home more energy efficient. This program provides no cost energy-saving home improvements to income-qualified homeowners.

Additional Resources

Energy Star: An easy way to find rebates and special offers available by zip code

Energy Upgrade California: The statewide initiative committed to helping Californians take action to save energy, conserve and preserve natural resources, reduce demand on the energy grid and make informed choices about their energy use at home and at work

Go Solar California: Find information on solar programs, rebates, tax credits, and installing/interconnecting solar electric and solar thermal systems

Center for Sustainable Energy: Information on clean, sustainable energy solutions

California Solar Permitting Guidebook: A guidebook developed by the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research to help improve local permitting of small solar photovoltaic (PV systems).