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Flood Zone Information

Flood Zone Information

Simplified Flood Zones - map

FEMA - Website for additional information.

FEMA - Mapping Information Platform

Zone "X" (either white or light gray areas) does not require insurance.

Only "AO" zones require insurance. The number after the "AO" indicates the depth of potential flood relative to the top of curb adjoining the property. If any part of the property is within an AO zone then the entire property is considered to be zone "AO".

The information normally requested is:

Community Number - 060219
Date of the Map - February 18, 2004
Panel Number - Which are located on the map. The numbers are; 06059C0036H, 06059C0037H, 06059C0038H, 06059C0039H, 06059C0041H, 06059C0042H, 06059C0043H, 06059C0044H, 06059C0061H, 06059C0063H, 06059C0126H, 06059C0127H, 06059C0131H, & 06059C0132H

If you have any questions please call Public Works Department Engineering Division (714) 738-6845.

Updated - 3/2/2018