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Small Cell Site - Utility

Small Cell Site - Utility

As the use of wireless telecommunications services has expanded, providers have shifted from large cell towers to smaller facilities known as small cell sites. Small cell sites boost signals in areas with weak or slow data services. Small cell equipment can typically be located on street lights or other utility poles, as well as buildings. They rarely require the extensive construction and supporting infrastructure of cell towers.

As small cell sites spread, many cities have adopted ordinances and policies governing their installation, especially in the public right-of-way. Although Fullerton’s Municipal Code does not specifically mention small cell sites, section 15.55.020, section B.5 governs telecommunications installations on public lands.

To facilitate and streamline the process, the City of Fullerton has generated a master license agreement and installation requirements.

Small Cell Site Standard Plans 

City of Fullerton
Public Works
Paul Dominguez
303 W. Commonwealth Avenue | Fullerton, CA 92832
(714) 738-6862

General Small Cell Site Information

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