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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking for a great way to get involved in the community?

The City of Fullerton is looking for creative, energetic individuals interested in working with youth and motivated to help the community! When you become a volunteer with the Fullerton Parks & Recreation Department you can pursue your passions and make a positive impact on your community!

  • Be a positive role model for youth
  • Gain professional experience
  • Make connections
  • Build your resume
  • Develop communication and leadership skills
  • Fulfill academic community service/internship requirements
  • Grow, learn and have fun!

Generally, most volunteers assist us with our day to day operations of youth programs, special events, and for “as needed” experiences. All volunteer positions are unpaid and recruited on a seasonal basis (fall, winter/spring and summer season).

If you are a student you can receive academic-credit for the following positions: Administrative Assistant, Marketing Intern, PLAY, Youth Program Volunteer and Youth Mentor.


Revised 9/4/2019