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Moon Bounce

Moon Bounce

Considering a "Bouncing Birthday Party"?

It's always fun to celebrate a birthday party in one of our parks and have a moon bounce for the children. All you need to do is take out a permit with the City of Fullerton for the use of the park and the moon bounce. See list of approved parks and bounce house vendors for the City of Fullerton.

The park reservation fees are $12.00 per hour for Fullerton residents and $23.00 per hour for non-residents. (The fees for the pavilions at Hillcrest, Lemon, Richman and Adlena Parks are higher). 

If you are using a moon bounce, the company must have a Certificate of Insurance filed with the City of Fullerton that has been approved by our Risk Management Department. The Parks and Recreation Department does have a list of companies that have already filed with the City. There is a $40 permit fee for the bounce house ($45 for Hillcrest Park).