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Hillcrest Terrace

Hillcrest Terrace

The Terrace features:

  • A beautifully landscaped outdoor three-level patio
  • Craftsman-style wooden trellises with climbing wisteria vines and flowers
  • A partially covered patio on the top level that allows sunshine to filter through
  • Handsome stone pilaster columns
  • Dining capacity - 125 persons
  • Perfect for weddings, receptions, parties or any other celebrations
Wedding at Hillcrest Terrace

    Prices and Information:

    View prices and information here.

    To book Hillcrest Terrace for your special event, please call the Fullerton Parks and Recreation Department at (714) 738-6575.

    In case of rain we will move your party inside our 1932 Spanish-style center that can accommodate approximately 100-125 people in an intimate setting.

    The Terrace is located in the southeast corner of Hillcrest Park near the corner of Lemon and Valley View.  It is adjacent to the 1932 Spanish-style Hillcrest Recreation Center.  


    Revised 08/11/2020