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Upcoming Exhibits

Upcoming Exhibits

Shifting Years: the Art of Anthony Ausgang, May 23- August 16  

Heavily influenced by animation pioneer Tex Avery’s notorious Pachuco wolf and pinup dolls, Ausgang’s feline protagonist gives the viewer a glimpse into a parallel reality. The vibrant geometrics of his canvas are reminiscent of sixties psychedelia and the colorful rock posters of Rick Griffin that reflect the counterculture social climate of the time. But Ausgang’s work runs much more subversive than absurd Warner Bros. cartoons and mass produced rock posters. Although his artwork is littered with references to mid-century subcultures, Ausgang is an artist very much of our time, reflecting the gritty underbelly of contemporary American ethos. Shifting Years: the Art of Anthony Ausgang will include artworks spanning 40 years. This is the artists first museum retrospective.


 1968: A Folsom Redemption, September 5- October 25

Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of a landmark event, 1968: A Folsom Redemption is a collection of photographs and memories of two journalists lucky enough to be among a handful of eyewitnesses to the historic Johnny Cash concerts at Folsom Prison. This candid and personal photography exhibition covers a critical juncture in the career of Johnny Cash, one of the twentieth century’s most beloved performers.


Museum Closed for Renovations, October 26- December 18


FLAMENCO: From Spain to New Mexico, December 19, 2020- March 14, 2021

Known as a folkloric art form that began among the Gypsy people of southern Spain, this exhibition traces Flamenco to its arrival in the U.S. and its rise as an international art form now enjoyed by millions. Tracing flamenco’s journey from fifteenth and sixteenth century Spain to twentieth century Europe’s most cultured cities will be costumes both historic and contemporary, musical instruments, costume and set design sketches, playbills, sheet music, posters, and more.