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Fullerton Museum

Fullerton Museum

Welcome to the Fullerton Museum Center!   
Home of the Leo Fender Gallery


Voted "Best Art Museum" by the OC Weekly

The Fullerton Museum Center presents the best in multidisciplinary exhibitions and educational programs in the areas of history, science, art and humanities. The main goals of FMC are to present exhibitions and activities which stimulate dialogue, promote critical and creative thinking, and serve as vehicles to learn about ourselves and our world.


Custom Beats: The Art of Hip-Hop

Opening Reception: May 4, 2019
On display through August 4, 2019
For almost 50 years, Hip-Hop has been vital to the expression of urban youth around the world. Beginning as a predominantly African-American youth cultural expression from the streets of New York, Hip-Hop is now an international phenomenon and a multi-billion dollar industry. With colorful street art, flashy track suits, and fresh sneakers, masters of Hip-Hop express themselves outwardly as well as inwardly- writing poetry and song lyrics reflecting confidence, optimism, and struggle. As a musical genre, Hip-Hop follows in the footsteps of earlier African-American-rooted musical forms such as blues, ragtime, jazz, funk, and disco. Custom Beats will investigate the ways Hip-Hop art and culture have permeated our everyday lives to become one of the most influential lifestyles worldwide. 

Building Guitars, Making History: Leo Fender Stories

From modest beginnings at his Fullerton radio repair shop, Leo Fender presided over what became the largest musical instrument empire in the world. His electric guitars, amplifiers, and keyboards set the standard for the industry. His ideas formed the basis for the almost limitless possibilities of sound in music that today most people take for granted.

Thousands of people have worked for Fender at factories, storefronts and offices over the years, producing top quality instruments with the Fender name. This exhibit tells some of those stories from the boots on the ground, Leo's many employees who toiled to make musical dreams come true. 



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