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Executive Recruitments

Executive Recruitments

Updates for City Manager and Chief of Police Recruitments

Following the retirements of the City Manager and the Chief of Police at the end of 2016, the City of Fullerton appointed Allan Roeder as Interim City Manager (see Mr. Roeder's bio here) and David Hinig as Interim Chief of Police (see Chief Hinig's bio here). Both Mr. Roeder and Chief Hinig bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the City and are expected to provide strong leadership during the first half of 2017.

The executive recruitment firms Avery Associates and Bob Murray & Associates have been retained to conduct the City Manager and Chief of Police recruitments, respectively.  Both recruitments are planned to conclude by the beginning of the new fiscal year.

Given the significance of these top level executive positions, this webpage has been established to keep you updated about the progress of the recruitments.  Following is a brief summary of the status of each recruitment and planned future steps. In order to ensure that the process for each results in the successful placement of a candidate, who is well suited for Fullerton's needs and will assimilate well into our community, it may be necessary to make modifications to the schedules to accommodate candidates, interviewers or City Council needs.

Please check this webpage periodically for updates on the progress of each recruitment.

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