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Paramedic Subscription Program

Paramedic Subscription Program

Since July 1983, the City of Fullerton has charged a per call fee for paramedic services. This fee applies to residents and nonresidents alike, and the amount of the fee depends on the type of service rendered. An ALS (Advance Life Support) charge is currently $550 and a BLS (Basic Life Support) charge is $275.

As a Fullerton resident or Business Owner/Manager, you have an alternative to these per call fees. You can take advantage of a special Paramedic Subscription Program that provides paramedic coverage at a very moderate annual cost. The subscription cost for one year (July 1 through June 30) is as follows:

Residents: $46 per year
Business Owners/Managers: $46 per year for every 10 employees or portion thereof.

If you enroll after June 30, there is a $10 late fee and you will only be covered for the remainder of that subscription year.

The subscription cost for residents covers you, and all members of your household, for paramedic services. For businesses, the fee provides paramedic services to you and your employees during business hours only.

Please be aware that the Fullerton Paramedic Subscription Program fee does not include ambulance transportation costs. These fees are billed separately.

The Program is only available to Fullerton residents and/or business owners and their employees and the fee is non-refundable.

For questions regarding the paramedic subscription program, please call (714) 738-6341.



Revised:  4/30/2020