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Fire Department

Fire Department

Fullerton Fire

The Fullerton Fire Department provides a variety of programs designed to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants of the City of Fullerton from the adverse effects of fires, sudden medical emergencies, or exposure to dangerous conditions.



Administration is responsible for the overall coordination and direction of the department. Additionally, Administration oversees the City's disaster preparedness plan.


Operations/Training is responsible for providing continuous service for fire control and suppression, rescue, and medical aid, and the Paramedic Subscription Program. Operations/Training also provides emergency response for controlling Hazardous Materials Incidents. Operations/Training is responsible for providing: state and federally mandated training, ongoing continuing education related to hazardous materials, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and paramedic recertification. Additionally, the training function includes updating personnel in new technologies and methodologies to ensure preparedness for the broad range of situations to which the Fire Department responds.

Fire Prevention Division

The Fire Prevention Division conducts ongoing inspections for the purpose of life safety, reduction in property loss, weed and rubbish abatement, and the enforcement of federal (NPDES), state and local fire regulations. The Fire Prevention Division is also responsible for determining fire cause and investigating suspicious fires. The Fire Prevention Division conducts inspections related to hazardous materials and underground storage tank regulations.

The Fire Prevention Division is active in the Water Watchers program and periodically offers drowning prevention classes. Please call the Fire Prevention Division at (714) 738-6509 for further information. 

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