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Zoning Map Updates

Zoning Map Updates

This page has been created for those who still need paper maps.  Our atlas is full color, printed on an 11x17 inch page size.

The Zoning Atlas has been available in digital form since 2008.  To streamline the updating process we've modified this page.  Updated pages have been repackaged into a group based on the date when edits were completed.  Simply download the packet, print the sheets and replace the pages in your existing atlas.

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If you're unsure when your atlas was last updated, you can check the date of map revision printed on the lower left corner of each color page in your existing atlas.  The index to streets and the cover page, where a chronology of zoning changes are listed, are frequently updated.

Update Packets (newest to oldest)

April 2017 - Entire atlas updated, all pages contain changes

January 27, 2015 Update Packet

May 1, 2012 Update Packet

March 6, 2012 Update Packet

June 14, 2011 Update Packet

March 3, 2011 Update Packet

February 1, 2009 Update Packet

May 27, 2008 Update Packet

April 22, 2008 Update Packet