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Amerige Brothers’ Realty Office

Amerige Brothers’ Realty Office

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Location: Amerige Park
Ca. 1887: Wood Framed Commercial

Amerige Brothers RealtyThe Amerige Brothers’ Realty Office is the oldest commercial building in Fullerton. This simple frame building has had a complex history. Initially placed at the southwest corner of Spadra Road (Harbor Boulevard) and Commonwealth Avenue around 1887, it was the center of business for the town’s founders, George and Edward Amerige. After it was moved to Commonwealth Park in 1920, the building served many different functions, including a law office, a milliner’s shop, a barbershop, and eventually as a tool shed.

In 1939, the building was renovated under the sponsorship of the Ebell Club and moved to a more prominent location in the park, which was later renamed in honor of the Ameriges. In 1983, the building was once again restored through private donations and volunteer work, and a senior citizens group is now using it.

This little building is an important monument to the Amerige Brothers and their role in the development of the City. Consisting of a cubical single room, the structure has a simple gable roof, and the exterior clapboard walls are painted redwood. The porch and its shingled shed are an addition; originally, only a temporary awning shielded the entrance.