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Mutual Building and Loan Association

Mutual Building and Loan Association

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Location: 124 W. Wilshire Avenue
1924: (remodeled in 1933) Zigzag Moderne

Mutual Building and Loan AssociationThis brick building was initially constructed in 1924, and first occupied by J.P. Glenn Furniture Company. A local savings and loan business, the Mutual Building and Loan Association, bought the property and extensively remodeled the structure in 1933. It is the remodel, establishing the striking Zigzag Moderne front façade with its emphases on vertical pattern and line, which provides architectural significance to the property. Cast concrete, smooth stucco and ceramic tile are the primary building materials for this remodeled façade.

The building’s historical significance is tied to the founders of the Mutual Building and Loan Association: the people who commissioned the structure’s remodel in 1933, for their new offices. The most prominent of the principles of the Association was Henry L. Parry. Both Henry Parry and Fred Fuller, who succeeded him in 1945, were prominent Fullerton bankers and civic leaders. The Association provided an important service to the community throughout the Depression by giving loans to Fullerton citizens to build or purchase homes.

In 1990, the building was rehabilitated to emphasize the Moderne features of the ground level front facade and to construct a second level consisting of four rental units. The new residential construction complements the architectural features of the 1933 Zigzag Moderne design and is appropriately set back from the front façade in order not to compromise the significance of the first story architecture.