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130 W. Whiting Ave Apartment Building

130 W. Whiting Ave Apartment Building

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Location: 130 W. Whiting Avenue
1930: Brick Residential

130 W. Whiting Ave Apartment BuildingThis one-story dark red brick building is the companion to the two-story apartment at 126 West Whiting Avenue. Samuel Dunphy, who owned these two properties until the late 1930s, built both structures.

The hipped red tile roof and narrow chimneys on the east and west sides provide the only break in the block-like appearance of the building. Like its contemporary, pairs of double hung wood windows are recessed in arched openings, which offer modest detailing. Openings on the side walls have the same detailing but feature metal framed casement windows with wire glass. The metal awning over the two front entry doors is the only addition to the original fa├žade.

The four-unit apartment building was started soon after Mr. Dunphy completed the eight-unit apartment on the adjacent lot but before the Depression began to take its toll on the local economy. It was never given a name.