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Cherami House

Cherami House

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Originally: Nenno House
321 N. Pomona Avenue
1928: Colonial Revival

Nenno HouseThis two-story home was built in 1928, for Faustina Nenno, the daughter of an important early settler in Placentia. Originally a charter member of the YWCA, Ms. Nenno later sold her home to this organization in the late 1940s. The YWCA continuously used this property for over 50 years to offer a range of services including shortterm residency in the structure’s second story bedrooms.

In 1999, the YWCA sold the property, and it is now used as offices for a group of clinical psychologists. The house is a refined example of the Colonial Revival style in Fullerton. While later construction is evident at the rear of the house, most of its original design is unaltered.