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Lamhofer House

Lamhofer House

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Location: 600 W. Valley View Drive
1927: Tudor Revival

Lamhofer HouseThis two-story residence represents a fine example of English Tudor Revival architecture with its steep, shakecovered gable roofs, stucco walls with half-timber decorative bracing, detailed brick-capped chimney and well-positioned and proportioned multi-paned casement windows. In addition to the brick trimmed entry, there are outstanding details on all sides of the structure, and the detached garage continues the architectural style.

The initial owners were Eric and Ester Lamhofer, who lived in the house until 1936. Norton Simon, president of Val Vita Foods and later Hunt-Wesson Foods, lived here between 1936 and 1938, but did not own the property. The Lamhofer family owned the property until the 1960s.