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Gobar House

Gobar House

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Location: 610 W. Valley View Drive
1927: Craftsman Style

Gobar HouseThis residence’s architecture may be the only one of its kind in Fullerton. In this two-story structure traits of Cottage and Gothic Revival are exhibited as part of a late Craftsman style. The shingled exterior is the prominent feature, along with the multiple number of steep and wide gable roofs with exposed rafters. The brick chimney on the west side accentuates the vertical dimension of the house. The wooden pergola with post and notched beams is another common element of the Craftsman style. The same architecture was used for the detached garage at the rear of the lot.

As one of the earliest residences to be built in the Golden Hills tract in 1927, it was both the home and office for George Gobar, a prominent attorney. There are two doors at the front of the structure – one for the entrance to the residence and a second that was the entry for Mr. Gobar’s office. He and his wife lived in the house for nearly 45 years.