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Edgar Johnson House

Edgar Johnson House

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Location: 444 W. Brookdale Place
1928: Spanish Colonial Revival

Edgar Johnson HousePrimarily Spanish Colonial in style, this one-story house is designed with an unusual massing of forms and features unlike any other residence of its vintage. The low-pitched, tiled gable roof accentuates the simple, block-like structural form. There are dramatic floor-to-ceiling multi-paned windows facing the semi-defined entry area, and recessed casement windows are found on all sides.

The house is situated on a corner lot with an elevated building pad; the large setback from the two public streets, effectively landscaped with a tropical theme, contributes to the property’s appearance.

This house was built for Edgar Johnson, the first editor of the Daily News Tribune. He started this newspaper in 1891, and sold it in 1929, shortly after the construction of this house. As a very influential voice in civic affairs, Mr. Johnson was a strong proponent of city incorporation as well as the development of the Fullerton High School campus. Mr. Johnson also served as the justice of the peace.

This house’s unusual architecture and prominent location make the property a landmark within the Brookdale Heights district, a neighborhood of many outstanding residences.