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Westwood Apartments

Westwood Apartments

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Originally: Dunphy Apartments
Location: 126 W. Whiting Avenue
1929: Brick Residential

Dunphy ApartmentsThis two-story dark red brick building is one of a pair of brick apartment buildings erected by Samuel Dunphy just before the Depression. The brick construction and minimal setback from the public sidewalk convey an East Coast design, and no other example of its type is found in Fullerton. Only the symmetrically placed chimneys and mansard tile roof break the building’s strongly cubical form. The three ordinary rectangular doors are framed with arched openings and decorative pilasters, providing only minimal relief on the building’s front facade.

Completed in April 1929, at a cost of $25,000, the eight units in the Dunphy Apartments were quickly rented. Mr. Dunphy continued to reside in the single-family residence at the rear of the property that is of an earlier construction, until 1939. When the property changed ownership in 1940, the two-story building was renamed the Westwood Apartments. The name “The Westwood” is visible above the middle entry door.

The property still serves as an eight-unit apartment, and the original single family residence remains behind it.