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Dewella Apartments

Dewella Apartments

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Location: 232 - 236 E. Wilshire Avenue
1929: Spanish Colonial Revival

Dewella ApartmentsIn this apartment complex, the Spanish Colonial style is used in an exceptionally graceful fashion. Particularly pleasing are the visual appearance of the sweeping staircases, the symmetrically disposed apartment wings, and the formal layout of the garden area in front. The use of the two-story structures on the sides and a single-story building at the rear is an unusual reversal in the pattern of the bungalow court. The use of smooth stucco walls with Mission-style forms for the second-story at the front and Montereystyle balconies at the back is an effective combination.

The original plan for the complex indicates that a second identical building was to have been constructed to the north along Wilshire Avenue. With this half of the complex never being built, the resulting large setback of lawn area makes the existing complex more striking.

Built for $11,000 in 1929, the Dewella Apartments is a distinct visual landmark. The structure is a monument in local development as one of the early apartment complexes in Fullerton, but it is also a remarkable architectural creation, unique for its style and combination of building and landscape.