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Conley House

Conley House

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Location: 1101 E. Whiting Avenue
1928: Cottage Style

Conley HouseThis residence represents one of the best examples of the Cottage style design that became popular in the mid-1920s. An array of fanciful features includes a steep gable roof; a conical (witch’s hat) roof for the corner portion of the house; a decorative arched entry; and a tapered chimney, prominently located along the front façade. The use of a smooth plaster exterior for the walls as well as the chimney unifies the architectural features of the house.

The house, locally referred to as “the castle”, is part of a small tract of Cottage style homes built by E. S. Gregory in the late 1920s along the north side of Whiting Avenue. The original owners were the Conley family. The house is more commonly associated with the Waymire family, who lived here for over 30 years until 1985.