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Cleaver House

Cleaver House

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Location: 519 W. Fern Drive
1929: Spanish Colonial Revival

Cleaver HouseThis unique Spanish Colonial Revival house is the most distinctive and recognizable in a neighborhood of unusual residences. Elevated above the street grade, the two-story structure has an “L”-shape with a central circular tower that rises 30 feet in height to provide a counterpoint to the two rectangular wings. The design is rich in detail with custom features: two small arched windows above the arched entry; a large parabolic picture window on the east side; a circular penthouse over the tower element; and mosaic tiles at the base of the structure. The stucco retaining wall and the terraced, palm-laden landscaping contribute to the classic Mediterranean appearance.

This house was constructed for Arthur and Kathryn Cleaver. Cleaver’s initials may be seen in the pavement at the bottom of the steps. Mr. Cleaver was the owner of Sanitary Laundry, for which the building at 221-225 W. Santa Fe Avenue was constructed.

With its outstanding architecture and prominent setting, the residence is a visual landmark in the Upper Golden Hills neighborhood.