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Dreyfus Building

Dreyfus Building

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Location: 417 - 427 S. Harbor Boulevard
1926: Brick Commercial

Dreyfus BuildingThis “L”-shaped brick building effectively dominates the surrounding streetscape. In a departure from the traditional format, the Cottage style was used for a multi-tenant commercial structure. The structure’s gable roof is primarily one story, except for the prominent corner section where second story casement windows are featured under a steep compound gable, giving the building a Midwestern flavor.

The part of the building that fronts Harbor Boulevard was constructed in the mid-1920s for E. B. Dreyfus, an out-of-town businessman. The back portion that fronts along Valencia Drive was added in 1930. The corner portion of the building was first used for an auto dealership, and the addition in the back was a garage to service cars. The back addition features a roof constructed with exposed wood trusses and wire glass skylights.

Over the years the front building has served a variety of commercial purposes, most recently as a furniture store. With these uses, exterior changes have taken place. The original transom windows are intact, but other portions of the building’s long storefront have been reworked many times, including the installation of the brick veneer to the bulkhead. The improvements made in the 1990s by the present owner partially restored the building to its original appearance.