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Rutabegorz Restaurant

Rutabegorz Restaurant

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Location: 211 N. Pomona Avenue
1930: Brick Commercial

Rutabegorz ResaurantThe front façade of this commercial building – actually, an addition to the structure behind it – has been given a Spanish look and is a different style from the original buildings on the property. The property was initially improved with two small buildings for doctors’ offices in the 1930s; later the buildings were tied together with additions or alterations, and in 1972, the building was converted to its present coffee house/restaurant use.

The architecture of this building is not significant; the property’s significance rests in its social history: a successful campaign in 1974, by local citizenry to convince Pacific Telephone not to buy the property and demolish the building for its expansion. This event helped demonstrate the need to protect property important to the community and sparked the interest to identify and preserve the city’s landmark properties. In short, this property is directly tied to the origins of the preservation movement in Fullerton.

In surviving its precarious beginning, the restaurant has become a local institution, and it continues to be a popular eating establishment after more than 25 years.