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Grieves Apartments

Grieves Apartments

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Location: 529 - 531 E. Commonwealth Avenue
1924: Spanish Colonial Revival

Grieves ApartmentsThis two-story building is one of two residential properties in Fullerton exhibiting elements of the Santa Fe/Pueblo style as part of a design that is primarily Spanish Colonial architecture. The Pueblo style is reflected with the building’s refined blocky form, the setback for the second story portion that creates the wrap-around balcony, and the design of the flat roof with a modest parapet detail on both stories. The use of arched openings, as part of the design of the sheltered entry areas for the individual units (two along Commonwealth Avenue and a third facing Berkeley Avenue) is the other distinguishing feature in this building. The building is unaltered from its original construction except for the apparent re-stuccoed walls.

Constructed in the mid-1920s, this is one of the earliest properties developed for rental units in Fullerton. Little is known about the original owner, but in the 1940s, the Grieves family, who has retained ownership to the present day, acquired the property.

The structure was extensively rehabilitated in late 1998.