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Gardiner House

Gardiner House

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Location: 1155 W. Orangethorpe Avenue
1923: Colonial Revival

Gardiner HouesThis elegant Colonial Revival house was the second residence for one of the area’s pioneer families. The house sits on what remains of a 40-acre parcel that was bought by Alexander Gardiner, a Scotsman, who came to the area in the late 1860s. The family’s onestory wood framed ranch house that was first constructed on this property was demolished soon after this two-story house was built in 1923.

The Gardiner family was instrumental in the city’s early years. Alexander Gardiner was held in high regard as a rancher, and he established the Fullerton Walnut Growers’ Association. John Gardiner, one of his five sons, was elected to Fullerton’s first City Council after its incorporation in 1904. The house remained in the Gardiner family until 1973, at which time it was sold to the current owner.

The Colonial Revival style for this residence is patterned after a house in Tennessee where the Gardiners lived before coming to California. The residence is oriented with its front facing eastward, overlooking an entry driveway. Careful detailing, a balanced form, and the disposition of architectural elements characterize this style of house. The defining feature is the centrally located entrance, where a large sheltered porch is topped with an impressive balcony enclosed by wrought iron railing. The residence was constructed with a pump house on its north side. Both structures have been well maintained, and apparently, no major exterior alterations have been made to either one.